Casting Call Dearly Departed

Dearly Departed

by David Bottrell & Jessie Jones

Show Dates: August 21st, 22nd,

29th & 30th

In the Baptist backwoods of the Bible Belt, the beleaguered Turpin family proves that living and dying in the South are seldom tidy and always hilarious. Despite their earnest efforts to pull themselves together for their father’s funeral, the Turpin’s other problems keep overshadowing the solemn occasion: Firstborn Ray-Bud drinks himself silly as the funeral bills mount; Junior, the younger son, is juggling financial ruin, a pack of no-neck monster kids, and a wife who suspects him of infidelity in the family car; their spinster sister, Delightful, copes with death as she does life, by devouring junk food; and all the neighbors add more than two cents. As the situation becomes fraught with mishap, Ray-Bud says to his long-suffering wife, “When I die, don’t tell nobody. Just bury me in the backyard and tell everybody I left you.” Amidst the chaos, the Turpins turn for comfort to their friends and neighbors, an eccentric community of misfits who just manage to pull together and help each other through their hours of need, and finally, the funeral.

Character list for DEARLY DEPARTED:
BUD TURPIN – 50s Mean and surly patriarch

RAYNELLE – 55-65, his wife, the matriarch, strong, sure, in control

RAYBUD – 30’s, their eldest son, loves his wife, works hard, responsible for the most part, drinks under pressure

LUCILLE – 30’s, his wife, loving to all, keeps the entire family together, the sadness in her life has been 3 miscarriages

JUNIOR – 20’s, their other son, tries very hard to succeed and make his family proud of him, strongly hounded by his wife and wild kids

SUZANNE – 20’s, his wife, frustrated with her life and is quite vocal about it, always wanted to be a professional singer

MARGUERITE – 50’s, Bud’s sister, obsessed with living a religious life, loud, pushy, loathes her son’s life style, a widow

ROYCE – her son, ex-con, smokes, drinks yet a loveable rascal,
his mother is relentless in harassing him

DELIGHTFUL – late teens, Bud and Raynelle’s only daughter, an 18 year old person of girth, who eats for pleasure, she doesn’t say much

REVEREND HOOKER – 40-50, the local minister who does his best to keep his flock happy, has gastro-intestinal problems

VEDA – 70’s, an elderly woman whose job is to nurse her nearly comatose husband, a friend of the family

NOVAL – 80, her husband, oblivious

NADINE – 28, a young woman attending the wake, quite fertile who has pride in that fertility

CLYDE – 40’s, Raybud’s boss and friend , loves to drink beer, humorous, a rascal

JUANITA – 30’s, a cousin by marriage, has it all in material wealth, but not what really counts – love

THE JOY OF LIFE SINGERS – any age, 3 church choir singers

The show performances will be held at the historic La Belle theatre

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